Dwight Baker


Deciphering complicated medical jargon, tracking down clinical studies, and evaluating hospital and physician reports can consume valuable time that attorneys need to prepare to litigate complicated cases regarding medical issues. Attorneys trying these cases also may miss critical pieces of information that can make or break their cases.

That’s where medical legal consultants like Dr. Dwight Baker can help. Dr. Baker’s extensive academic training and long career as a general and plastic surgeon make him an excellent choice for attorneys seeking a medical consultant who can provide authoritative advice and opinions.

Dr. Baker has been a partner in a successful plastic surgery practice for the past 20 years and has extensive experience in primary care, emergency room surgery, and critical care surgery. Dr. Baker is the doctor other physicians turn to for training, as he has developed protocols for severely injured patients and written curriculum for acute care teaching programs. At Jackson Hospital in Montgomery, Dr. Baker was a pioneer in laparoscopic cholecystectomy – a minimally invasive method for removing the gall bladder – and chaired the department of surgery for two years.

Since the early 90s, Dr. Baker has performed countless breast reconstruction surgeries and he also has extensive experience in reconstructive surgeries for patients who have suffered severe facial injuries or skin cancer. His work in this field has given him extensive knowledge of the products and procedures used in this field of medicine.

Dr. Baker has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery since 1996, and his current certification is valid until 2026. He has participated in several investigations for government regulators. He served as a principle investigator for the FDA in clinical studies regarding medical implant devices and has performed investigative work for private corporations, too. In complex medical cases, a medical legal consultant can save attorneys substantial time and money by providing research services and expert insight. Dr. Dwight Baker’s training, experience, and work in medical investigation makes him ideal for attorneys who want to go to court fully prepared with all the facts regarding medical issues.

Dr. Baker has a solid academic pedigree that gives him the background necessary to conduct research and present attorneys with accurate and reliable advice on medical matters. Dr. Baker earned his bachelor’s degree in pre-medicine from Auburn University in 1973 and completed medical school at the University of South Alabama’s College of Medicine in 1977. Dr. Baker then completed an internship at Carraway Methodist Medical Center. After his internship, he completed a residency in general and vascular surgery at Carraway Methodist Medical Center and was chief resident for general surgery at Carraway from 1981-1982. Dr. Baker completed a residency in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN in the early 90s.

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