Wildlife in the Wiregrass

260' Long by 10' High

October 2017

Eddie Leroy


  • This mural features a 10 ft. turkey.
  • This mural wraps around the Woodall Building

The wildlife project was the dream of the late Don Fabiani, one of the founders of the Murals of the Wiregrass. Fabiani talked with artists about painting this mural several years ago but was never able to see his vision turn into reality as he passed away on _________________.

On October 27, 2017 the latest addition to the 23 murals scattered throughout downtown Dothan, Alabama was completed. World renowned artist, Eddie Leroy, spent the better part of the 2017 Summer completing this mural that helps tell Dothan’s story and share the natural beauty of wildlife.

Featured in the mural are many species native to Alabama that have begun to make a comeback. The mural begins with land animals, such as turkeys, deer, rabbits, foxes and mountain lions. It then flows smoothly into a section depicting alligators and other swampland creatures, with the final portion featuring fish that commonly make their homes in Alabama lakes and rivers.

The Alabama Power Service Organization (APSO)-Southeast Division/Farley Chapter adopted the Wildlife Mural and contributed $6,000 to help cover the cost for maintenance and repairs. The donation also helped pay for brochures and other educational tools that are used in support of the mural project. The Southeast Division/Farley Chapter sponsored this project as part of the Murals of the Wiregrass “Adopt-A-Mural” Campaign.