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The Dothan-Houston County Intellectual Diisabilities Board, Inc. (DHCIDB) adheres to the following policy regarding “Waiting Lists.”

  • Waiting lists are maintained for people referred and identified as meeting the criteria for DHCIDB’s services.
  • The following information will be provided to the Alabama Department of Mental Health (DMH) in order for individuals to be added to the DHCIDB “Waiting List”:
    • Psychological evaluation
    • Developmental Summary
    • ICAP
    • Eligibility Worksheet
    • Criticality Summary
  • Status (number on list) of people identified on the waiting list is based on criticality of need. Need is determined through standardized testing (Inventory for and Agency Planning – ICAP).
  • Changes in the order of priority may occur as a result of the following:
    • Criticality of another person(s) needs.
    • Person/family/guardian is not interested in services.
    • Person determined ineligible
  • Waiting lists are maintained by the Director of Case Management and are accessed as Agency services become available.
  • Procedures identified within the Admission and Discharge Policy will be followed when admitting a person into a program or service of the Dothan-Houston County Intellectual Disabilities Board, Inc.