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Vaughn-Blumberg Services Supported Employment Program provides employment opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities, as well as efficient, responsible and willing personnel options for employers. The Supported Employment Program is funded by the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services.

Vaughn-Blumberg Services Employment Specialists match the needs of consumers with the skills and interests of employers. The Employment Specialist works side by side with each individual to ensure that the consumer understands and completes their responsibilities as indicated by the employer.

Supported Employment Services have no fees; include long-term support for the employer and employee; and include monitoring visits to ensure the employee’s success and employer’s satisfaction.

Benefits of the Vaughn-Blumberg Services Supported Employment Program include; however, are not limited to: improved quality of your company or organization’s workforce, increased productivity, creativity and opportunity, enhanced employee relations, realizing the ability of individuals with disabilities, savings of time, money, and availability of tax incentives.

Currently we provide long term support to over 20 individuals. These individuals work in various industries, such as, hotels, restaurants, factories and retail stores.

For more information or to discuss available opportunities, please contact a Vaughn-Blumberg Employment Specialist at (334) 794-8645.

Participating Businesses


Grate Things


Chandler’s Fine Furniture

Burger King

Sleep Inn

Oakview Manor Health Care Center